Toasted blueberry muffins are weird: Van Dam Diner, 45-55 Van Dam St., Long Island City, Queens 4/6/17

It’s raining once again, and I’m craving for some soup. The gamble of diner soups is 1. their daily selections are not what you want, and 2. if they taste good, or not.

The Van Dam Diner claims they have “simply the best food.” I’ve been going here for a while, and luckily, there have been more hits than misses. Today’s lunch was no exception.

Their chicken orzo soup was thick & luscious, with a great, chicken broth tinged with garlic and onions (you can’t see), the orzo was silky and substantial, the chicken chunks were big and made of white meat pieces, and the celery and carrots were cooked nicely. With a bit of black pepper and some crumbled saltines. it’s a great bowl of soup. (Hit)

However, the blueberry muffin…they toasted it. 

Every time I return to the Van Dam Diner, I see the pastry tray next to the exit. Very tempting…so I chose the blueberry muffin (the healthiest of the lot). 

The waiter asked: “Do you want it toasted?” 

“Um, sure?” I answered, instantly confused. Who toasts sweet muffins? This was a first for me.

It tasted really weird after being toasted on the big grill. The good thing was the blueberries were whole, and fresh once-upon-a-time, so I digged them out of the muffin part and ate them whole. So…not exactly a hit, nor a miss.

At least I’m perky now, thanks to the soup.


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