Passover Day 3: Nevermind the sweet stuff: Starbucks, 4/13/17

My co-worker Virginia is complaining about how one of her neighborhood churches couldn’t spell “Maundy” for Maundy Thursday right (Monday Thursday, the sign said). She ate haroset with matzoh with her lunch, yet she is Catholic. I’m confused.

This is the middle of Holy Week, where the story and its subquential actions gets both harried and confusing, causing a cosmic rift for the future populace of believers. Some of its most fevered followers are becoming more anzy and depressed, like Virginia. Something sad is happening soon, after the Last Supper…

I try not to get sad. Today is a good day, thanks to another co-worker, Whitney, who made “Matzoh Crack”, a super-sweet homemade candy made from matzoh, caramel and chocolate. (I had two servings already; I hope there’s still more)

Speaking of super-sweet, my neighborhood Starbucks had a few things for lunch I could eat: mango and pineapple quinoa and chia seed coconut milk mash with toasted coconut and almonds (yum), and a fruit cup, including strawberries, pineapple, grapes, and green apples. Delish!

(Wait…this mash is called “Overnight grains”, which may include coconut oatmeal. What does that mean? Did I, by sheer accident, break the “no grain” rule for this week? 

Okay, I’m still confused…nevermind. At least it was sweet.


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