Passover Day 2: Soup with a side of fries: The Van Dam Diner, 45-55 Van Dam St., Long Island City, Queens 4/12/17

It’s raining a bit, but I don’t mind. I have two lucky things at my side today: my co-worker John and diner matzoh ball soup!

The soup ($4.95) was an interesting hybrid; it tasted definitely Jewish, with the chunks of chicken, white onion, carrots & celery swimming along with matzoh balls (not airy, big but not like lead) and, what I can surmise, kosher-for-Passover noodles?

(Okay, let’s not become hypercritical here. New York City diners make their money by supplying food to every type of customer. And I guess the Van Damn Diner does order their matzoh ball soup from a Jewish deli. So, all is good…)

Along with the soup, I had 1/2 a plate of fries, mainly because 1. Potatoes are acceptable, if necessary, foods still good to consume during Passover, and 2. These diner French fries are great; they’re crispy, hot & freshly fried, every time.

John ordered a vegetarian burger and Disco fries. Yes, there are many different varieties of Disco fries. “But…what are they?” you may wonder. Van Dam makes a spicy, waffle-shaped fry and covered it with cheese sauce. (Some versions resemble chili cheese fries. It’s a great hangover remedy, I heard. Why don’t I try them? The cheese. Besides Buddy, I got my own fries here! ;))

“I was thinking about a side of broccoli, but then I thought: ‘No'”, I commented out loud. “Next week is salad week,” we both promised ourselves.

(And John finished the Disco fries in under 10 minutes, so they were indeed excellent.)


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