Passover Day 7: Almost home, but with different tastes: Good Neighbor Queens @ Falchi’s, 31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, Queens 4/17/17

Ah, breads and pasta dishes, I have missed you terribly. I plan to be finally free Tuesday night, so I will meet you then, but not before. I’m counting the minutes…. Love, Me.

I don’t usually eat sandwiches for lunch or dinner, but they are all I ponder about: the perfect sandwich. Also: the perfect plate of pasta…

Not today, not yet. I have to settle on soup. Luckily, the hot soup special today at Good Neighborhood Queens is lentil soup, filled to the brim with lentils, tomatoes, carrots, onions, greens and spices. It’s a bit watery, but the overall flavor is robust and satisfying, not too salty.

I don’t usually drink sodas, but I’ll make an exception for ginger ale and ginger beer, especially if they are locally made. Fiz’s non-alcoholic Jamaican Stone Ginger Beer, made in Rochester, NY, is sweetened with 100% cane sugar, which, if one chooses to askew items that are sweetened by corn syrup for religious reasons once a year, or for overall health and/or moral reasons, its a great drink: it’s extremely bubbly, with a tangy, sharp ginger flavor; it brought me back to the islands, hey Mon!

I’m still suspicious about gluten-free bars, but I figure it’s the right time to check them out: The GFB’s peanut butter bar: 12 g of protein, vegan, non-GMO, soy & dairy free. We shall see.

Tastes like a cookie, without the flour or oats; very chewy and soft, filling, and smells great, as all peanut butter items should smell like. 

So, I’m at the home stretch, my lovely gluten products…I’ll be home Tuesday night. At least today’s nosh has been interesting.


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