After the shooting on 47th Ave.: Khao Man Gai NY @ Falchi’s, 31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, Queens 5/2/17

There was a shooting outside the correctional facility on 47th Ave. today, at around 6 am, steps away from Falchi’s. At lunchtime, the avenue is still roped off by the NYPD. All the TLC/Uber sign-ups have been uprooted, and are wandering in a daze, trying to give away discount cards, a plan to getaway quick…

The air in Falchi’s was thick with confusion, if not danger. The manager at Khao Man Gai still smiled sweetly, but her eyes were wide and frightened. Today, she had the good spring rolls; they ran out yesterday. Yesterday, she was cocky and apologetic at the same time, easily smiling. Today’s smile was painted on.

At the Doughnut Plant, they told me what happened: two correctional officers were engaged in an ex-lovers quarrel, and the female officer shot her gun at her ex (the shots ricocheted outside the street at  the male correctional officer’s car; he escaped, unharmed), and then she shot herself, ending up dead. It happened around 6 am. This happened a block away from my workplace.

I am saddened, shaken and confused. What really happened between these two individuals that has caused this crazed and tragic brutal end? I’m amazed I could eat at all. I’m shocked that none of my other co-workers who eat at the break room every single day (they usually ignore my presence, since I don’t work in their floor/station) have no idea what had happened…

Since I’m still eating, the chicken spring rolls were fresh, chock-full of lovely ingredients such as stewed, chopped chicken, shredded carrots, mint leaves, cilantro leaves, rice noodles and wrapping, with a tamerind dipping sauce with peanuts. 2 rolls for $5. Also available with tofu.

Once again, I bought the strawberry lemonade Fresca drink from the Doughnut Plant. So good; it’s summer in a glass.

The world is weird, scary and strange, especially in the matters of love…

Enjoy! (Not appropriate words for today, the food was still good)

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