Sweet stuff, but not for me (yet): The Van Dam Diner, 45-55 Van Dam St., Long Island City, Queens 5/3/17

Today I was sociable: I sat at the counter at Van Dam Diner and talked to the waitresses. As I ordered a spinach and portobello salad, and tried to relax on a stool (an almost impossible task), I watched one waitress wrapping three platters of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, brownies, various cookies and peeled melons for a catering order, then carefully wrapped in balloons-stamped party plastic, so not to smear the buttercream frosting. 

“Why can’t we pack these in a box? It would be so much easier…” she shook her head. I hear you, I thought to myself, my eyes fixated on The cupcakes. Man, it’s been forever since I had a great cupcake…

But, not today. It’s salad day!

The salad, filled with grilled chicken strips, fresh spinach, shaved carrots, portobello mushrooms, cucumbers, sun-dried and fresh tomatoes, green peppers, and house dressing, was HUGE!!! The vegetables were fresh and clean, and very tasty. The chicken was tender and seasoned well.

(Van Dam, you’ve done it again. Too much food. Damn you Van Dam…and the sweets look so good…)

This time, I wrapped up the remains of the salad (half of the plate) and took it home later, and… I ordered a brownie for later. This was a first.


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