The one time I really didn’t mind when salmon tasted like chicken: Mullanes Bar & Grill, 71 Lafayette Ave., Ft. Greene, Brooklyn 8/10/17

After watching "Rachel Getting Married" at Brooklyn Academy of Music, and attending a stimulating and awesome Q & A with the movie's screenwriter Jenny Lumet and star Bill Irwin at BAM's Rose Cinema after the movie, my friend and I were both spellbound and starving at the same time.

Dinner needed to be quick and somewhat cheap. We settled for Mullanes Bar, an Irish pub nearby BAM. Their long menu of late night sandwiches seemed promising, the prices were fair and middling, but still costly like burgers sold in Manhattan. I settled on the Salmon burger with side salad ($15), my friend ordered the blue cheese burger ($13).

Mullanes' 10% discount offer, where customers can post their experiences online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., was too good to pass up.

As I posted my whereabouts to social media, the food came. Curiously, my salmon burger tasted like chicken, in both taste and texture-wise. It was still good, though. I gave some to my friend for a second opinion; he agreed with my prognosis.

The weird thing is: I really didn't mind it as much. We were both hungry, and it was late, and we discussed the magic of Jonathan Demme's films at length (We miss you, Mr. Demme), and the bit of the burger I tasted from my friend's plate, the beef was simply fabulous.

Was it the effects of hunger, the great company, or was it because the food here was very good? Either way, Mullanes Bar is a good place to eat: the service was great, the noise from the wide-screen TVs at the bar wasn't intrusive, the place was clean and well-lit, the music playing was good. And even chicken-tasting salmon (Was it REALLY salmon?!) was good.

It was a great night in Brooklyn, to be sure.



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