U[, not a] nic[e tac]o, you’re a bit weird: Unico Global Tacos, 31-31 Thomson Ave., Long Island City, Queens 4/24/17

Last time I was at Unico I was not that impressed by the place, just a bit stymied. It’s a millennial haven where bad “popular” music comes to die. Nevertheless, I was craving a Slurpee since yesterday, and it’s on the same block….so, I’ll give them another chance.

I shouldn’t have.

The one thing Unico has going for them is their prices. I bought 1 Oxford taco for $3 plus tax. (The 12 oz. slurpee I later bought was $1.75, tax included)

Anyway, the Oxford, labeled the USA taco from their list of “global tacos” (that was weird enough), was listed with these ingredients: Southern fried chicken, cabbage-herb slaw, mashed taters, and salsa Mexicana.

The chicken was cooked but slightly cold, calling it “fried” would be a stretch, the batter was basically cracker crumbs. The coleslaw was barely there, the cabbage was a radioactive purple sheen. The taters were a literal mash-up of a samosa with curried smashed potatoes with onion and green peppers (or from their vegan taco option, the Shimla, representing India. Why should there be tacos in India?!). The salsa did look fresh (tomatoes and peppers) and the corn tortillas were good, but that was the only thing that was good about it, the blank tortilla. (Wow, this doesn’t bode well…at all…)

The only Slurpee flavor I could get at 7-Eleven was Pina Collada. It was fine, the craving is now gone. I wish they had more flavors available…

Today’s lunch was definitely disappointing. Better luck next time, since I’ll stay away from Unico.


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