Falchi’s, part 3 10/5/16

I’m currently noshing on great food from Falchi’s (third time there) on the 2nd floor break room at work. When I do get a handle on the first two visits that happened last week, and get a handle on how to write this blog, I will revisit my fond memories/impressions of the first two Stolle Pies.
Stolle Pies: All works of art and great taste. Today’s pie flavor is the Rabbit. Before I received my order from the friendly and charming Stolle cashier, a middle-aged lady wondered aloud: “What does rabbit taste like?”

I would say: “A once-fried, moist chicken who was raised solely in the forest.” So…not really like chicken, but delicious nevertheless!

The pie is baked with mushrooms, onion, dill and a light sour cream sauce. Hearty and fullfilling.

Next, since I’m still getting over a cold (need to save my sick days), I headed to Juice Press. Today’s choices are 1. Game On! Lemon Lime Raw Juice Blend and 2. Water + Vitamin C, which will be very useful later doing inventory; I don’t want to fall asleep at my desk again.

Lemon Lime drink: Very refreshing. An interesting counterpoint to the rabbit pie.

So, that’s all for me today. I’m planning to try all the Stolle Pies, which will take a while. (Maybe a once-a-week venture?)


More information on Stolle Pies is found at http://stolleus.com/

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