Empire Express / The Doughnut Plant @ Falchi’s (LIC), 10/6/16

Desperate times call for desperate measures…

I am Day 7 with a cold that refuses to quit. Since there is little air ventilation in the new workspace, desks remain dusty for years (the items we work with have dust as least from the 1950s) and germs remain in a constant loop. I have missed a week of choral practice. Enough already! (Cough)

So, in a fit of Chinese food craving, I went to Empire Express on Queens Boulevard, right across from the 7 Train at the 33rd St Rawson stop. Co-workers described the food as “sort-of okay”. Okay, I’m convinced.

However…if they say that “Curiosity kills the cat”, they might as well stay dead than eat Empire Express’s sushi. It was very unappetizing, to say the least. It was cold, and that’s the only good thing about it. Their chicken rice soup, on the other hand, was warm, full of scallions and Chinese-boiled chicken pieces that were huge, with a thick stream of soy sauce favoring on the top layer. It was comforting and cheaply prized.

When I feel up to it again, and in better health, I will try out one of the hot entrees. (Also, there’s a buffet for 3.99/lb.) It’s a no-thrill, basic place with interesting lamps (some are not lit) for cheap, uncomplicated food.

Stay for the soup, skip the sushi.


Afterward, I needed to cleanse my palette and get some reasonable hot tea. Thus, The Doughnut Plant @ Falchi Building (31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, Queens) was the answer and the balm to my plight that I desperately needed. Please don’t judge me…

Two doughnuts (Praline fritter and chocolate vegan doughnut) and an AMAZING hot ginger tea made everything all right again. The place was immaculate; the people friendly and open, and the doughnuts were excellent. Lots of flavors to choose from; I ponder on all the possibilities. There’s even savory pockets! (Maybe next time)

So in short, a swing-and-a-miss for Empire Express and a home run for The Doughnut Plant.

Until next time!



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