Late lunch, only a few more choices: Karu Cafe and Good Neighbors Queens @ Falchi’s, 31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, Queens 4/3/17

Thanks to my computer’s refusal to copy and paste a report from an email I’ve written to myself to Word,  once again I’m eating at 2 pm. Luckily, I have cash today…

(It’s been a while, sweet readers. I will later post what I ate last Thursday this afternoon, from a great Indian eatery in Grammercy Park called Chawlas 2. Stay tuned…)

Like I said, some of the shops at Falchi’s only take cash, so the excellent Karu Cafe is available for amazing empanadas! (1 chicken empanada = $3)

I ordered one empanada with green sauce, chatting with the cashier, who just got back from Spring break (“Sooo great to be back here, it’s been a while!”) and I visited JuicePress, but no juice was available for consumption. 😦

Like last week, Good Neighbors Queens was empty, except for cold drinks. I grabbed a Red Jacket (a cold-pressed, New York made, all-natural Zagat darling) cranberry apple juice; simply excellent and delicious, at a reasonable $2.

Since it’s now Spring, I need to venture out again, to get ready for my big trip next month. And I need to invite more people to come along with me…and to eat before 2 pm.


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