Passover Day 1, or, Slim pickings in the neighborhood: Good Neighbor Queens @ Falchi, 31-00 47th Ave., Long Island City, Queens 4/11/17

Under the light of a beautiful day today, the grainless items at the Falchi building are few and far between…

I was prepared to fawn over the Doughnut Plant’s offerings like a hobo waiting for an apple pie to cool on a windowsill, for the next 8 days. That torture today done in under 10 seconds, I combed over today’s specials at the Falchi building. Besides the gluten-free baked goods at Sans (will save for Friday), there wasn’t anything I could or wanted to get there. For instance, Juice Press has a sale (yay), but the items that were available today, I didn’t care for (nay).

Will Good Neighbor Queens be a good neighbor to me and the rest of the Passover-observant populace today? Won’t you be my neighbor? It gave me a resounding “maybe”.

Con: Today’s soup was Cheese Broccoli. Damn. Also, there were 20+ kinds of crackers, various baked goods and homemade bread on their sandwiches. Triple damn.

Pro: Homemade tea, but it wasn’t enough to pour me a whole glass. I chose a Purely Organic Superjuice, flavored with kale, coconut water, apple juice and spinach. I figured with the apple juice and coconut water, it would be sweet. It was. It tasted a non-sucky kombucha that a ten-year-old would almost tolerate. And it’s organic too! (That goes without saying…)

They also had 10+ kinds of Deep River Snacks (potato chips), so I settled on Mesquite BBQ ones. “Down home” goodness from Deep River, CT (Connecticut is considered the “down home” country? Seriously?), the chips’ spice mix was delightful: brown sugar, onion salt, garlic salt, paprika, etc., conveying the right sweetness and smokiness.

The organic Fuji apple was the great dessert of the day: sweet and tart, big and juicy, with a great crunchy fruit and pink flesh.

So, not bad. I wish I had packed several portions from the excellent Seder meal my cousin-in-laws prepared last night. I’m probably will be kicking myself of this non-decision as the week wears on, but since this is only the first day of Passover, I could remain somewhat hopeful…



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